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Banaue and the surroundings are located about 450 km, 8-10 hour drive from Manila and forms the getaway to explore the rice terraces in the area. The Ifugao people living here are a fierce bunch. Tribal wars were common and headhunting expeditions between tribes were documented well into the 60's. They are strong and particularly proud. Occasionally you may still see old women or man in traditional cloths at the local market, some of which displaying parts of beautiful tribal tattoos. At the Banaue viewpoint, which is included in our tours, some elderly tribals wear these traditional clothing for photo opportunities in exchange for an expected donation. Banaue rice terraces also called the "Eight wonder of the World" is famous for its spectacular 2000 year old, completely hand built, rice terraces and one of the must-visit places in the Philippines. The whole area is covered with rice terraces you can explore, so it is just how much time you have.

Near Banaue, in Kiangan, is where Ifugao and American troops helped force General Yamashita (captured in mayoyao) to make his informal surrender in World War II and we can stop here too, should you be interested. This side tour takes 1 extra hour. A "must see" is the Banaue Museum which gives you a glimpse of Ifugao's culture, history and tradition. So is the Banaue Viewpoint.
We usually book the government owned - and highest standard available - "Banaue Hotel" which offers standard as well as deluxe rooms (note that this accommodation is quite old and dark). Near Banaue hotel, an easy and pleasant 10 min walk you can find Tama-an village, here you can visit a native house, weaving shop and a small museum. Also there is a small handicrafts shop where you may buy some local handicrafts here though in Banaue town they have a wider selection.

We, however, also offer pension houses such as "Sanafe Lodge" (a bit noisy as its located near the market) in Banaue town or the quiet and beautiful "Native Village Inn" (toilet and shower outside) a 20 mins drive from Banaue. Tourist feedback is that the "Las Vegas" restaurant is one of the better ones in Banaue.
From Banaue trips can be made to the hot spring and rice terraces of Hapao (oldest rice terraces), Bangaan, Mayoyao (famous also for tombs) and by far the most popular and visited village of Batad. Near the Batad viewpoint Simons and Hillside Inn offer enjoyable meals. Batad and Mayoyao are both Unesco World Heritage sites. Walking through the rice terraces require some level fitness and good balancing!!! Mayoyao rice terraces, a 2 hours drive from Batad can be visited after the viewpoint of Batad, the overnight will spent in Helen's guesthouse.

Local requirements forces us when staying in Banaue hotel to rent a jeepney to Batadf Saddle and Bangaan, although the roads have been so much improved that you can easily drive a sedan to the "saddle" ,drop off point for walking to Batad viewpoint, where you can enjoy the stunning panorama of the rice terraces of batad. These days the hike from the saddle to the viewpoint takes these days only 15 min walk, unlike in the old days it took a 2 hour strenuous hike.
When you arrive at the Batad viewpoint you can continue a 3 hour kike back and forth, up and down, to the Tippiya waterfall (you can swim here) or least strenuous, 1,5 hours hike, Batad Village. Overnights we book in Batad (hillside inn) and Bangaan (Bangaan inn) and overnights are rather basic. Bath and toilet are shared.

The starting point for the Nag/kor trail, a 2/3 or days hike, is in Banaue at Awan-Igid. You will passby Pula and overnight in Cambulo and the trek takes about 5 hours. From Cambulo to Batad takes another 3 with option to stay overnight in Batad or continue to Bangaan which takes another 2-3 hours.

Sagada is a prosperous town composed of mostly farming families and others associated with agriculture, used to be a hippie hangout, still breezing its tranquil atmosphere and recommended for an overnight stay. It is located a 2 hours drive from Banaue, a 30 minutes drive from Bontoc, 5 hours drive from Baguio, 6 hours from Vigan and 7 hours from Tugugarao. English is very well spoken and the community is predominantly Episcopalian. Few Spaniards set foot in Sagada during the Spanish Era, and a Spanish Mission was not founded until 1882. As a result, it is one of a few places that has preserved its indigenous culture with little Spanish influence. Its inhabitants, originating from Indonesia, are known for their local rituals on death, cave burial grounds with hanging coffins located in the "Echo Valley". Not everyone is qualified to be buried this way; among other things, one had to have been married and had grandchildren.
Another exciting highlight of the trip (not suitable for everyone since very slippery and leaving you slightly muddy !) is navigating "Sumaguing Caves". The adventurous among you can jump in the cave’s freezing main pool, or even try the cave connection if you are not claustrophobic. If time allows you could also have a look at the "Bomod-Ok big waterfalls" which takes 2 hour hike back and forth and "Kiltepan Peak" to see sunrise and great views. Since this is weather dependent and requires a 04:30 am wake-up time, Kiltepan peak is of interest to few. Other activities includes trekking, spelunking, rappelling and visiting historical sites. People from this area are also known as Igorots. There are no tricycles here, which is seemingly a blessing. Note though that during Philippine summer holidays it can be run over by the locals. No night life is available, nor in other places in the Sagada area and even a curfew time is in place. Sagada offers some good restaurants and coffee shops especially "Banas Coffee", "Yoghurt House", "Masferre" "log cabin" or, for vegetarians Guiya restaurant.
Bontoc is the largest city and the trading center of the Ifugao region and a 30 minutes ride from Sagada. From either Bontoc or Sagada possible tailor-made extensions to our tours can be organized to remote Kalinga, one of the most unexplored areas of the North. A visit to the Bontoc museum is a must, so we made it part of all our tours going to Sagada. The charming Bontoc Museum offers a well organized exhibition of interesting photographs back from the headhunting days, jewelry, weapons and more. In Bontoc dog is still being served in some restaurants. If you happen to be in Bontoc on Saturday morning the local market should not be missed, people from the mountains bring their goods to sell. The Bontoc Festival is held in the first week of April. For overnights we recommend "the Archok Hotel". The Maligcong rice terraces rivals Batad rice terraces in beauty and is a 30 min drive away from Bontoc.

Kalinga, with its capital Tabuk, where traditional tribal lifestyle continue almost unchanged but (thankfully) the practice of headhunting ceased decades ago. The people in Kalinga are proud of their warrior culture so treat them with respect and let your guide do the talking. Traditional law applies and the government has little influence in this area. The remote and magnificent countryside is blessed with high peaked mountains, rice terraces, waterfalls and hot springs. Especially in the June to December wet season the area is vulnerable to landslides and therefore planned trips could be cancelled. The military and NPA are still operating in this area and travelling at night should be avoided at all times. If you are not familiar in the area, always bring a guide who can lead the way and who is familiar with the locals. Although considered by Filipino's from other provinces as a unsafe area, the people from Kalinga are very accommodating and you will not feel unsafe at all. Most of our client experienced Kalinga to be the highlight of our tailor made tours but you need to be reasonable fit as 2 hours strenuous hiking is part of the tour.

Busculan is the most popular village in Kalinga among our guests to visit, and included in your private, customized mountains of the Philippines tour if you opt to include Kalinga as part of your journey. Finding this truly amazing, older woman that does many different tattoos forms one of the highlights of small town life. Be warned that the all manual technique she uses can be painful, but you will walk away with a truly unique souvenir from your visit to the remote Kalinga Mountains.

Baguio, nickname "Summer capital of the Philppines" can be reached by 4-5 hours drive from Manila, 4 hours from Vigan. From Sagada it takes 5,5 hours via one of the most scenic routes in the North, the Frans Halsema highway. Baguio at 1700 m high was established by the Americans in 1900 as a hill station. Baguio's main source of income is tourism and is the commercial hub from the nearby provinces. It hosts 250,000.00 students, making it the University town of the North. This influx of people and urbanization has also a negative effect, however, as the traffic rivals the traffic jams of Manila. Baguio can be viewed as a crossroads between the hill tribe culture and the lowland settlers. Although very crowded during summer months you can retreat to the Baguio Botanic Gardens, Wright and Burnham parks, Camp John Hay a formerly us military recreation facility and Mines View Park offering peace and fresh air. Other places of interest are Baguio Museum, the Presidential summer house "The Mansion", the butterfly sanctuary and Tamawan Village. Our foreign guests mostly like the Ben Cap museum. Ben Cap is one of the most famous artists in The Philippines. Ben cap museum is also good for having a coffee or lunch and offers a nice garden and great view over the ocean. Please note that this museum is closed on Mondays and on other days it opens at 9am. The "wood carving village" is near and good to pick up some handicrafts.
We have no time to view all these tourist places, most have been of little interest to our foreign guests and reason that Baguio is mostly skipped in our guest's itinerary. However, If you could plan a date to visit Baguio we recommend the end of February to see the famous Flower Festival. We offer overnight stays in Camp John Hay Manor (best around) and was established by the Americans to house their officers and the former American governer. Le Monet is located in the same area and best alternative if John Camp Hay is fully booked. For lower budgets we book mostly in Baguio City Microtel or El Cielito Inn. Restaurants in Baguio include: Cafe by the Ruins (a mix of local cuisine with the native way of cooking), Cafe Baterol inside Camp John Hay and their al-fresco garden restaurant, (recommended dish Baterol Chocolate) and for fine dining Forest House next to Camp John Hay (romantic, good wine and a piano bar).
For the more physically fit and interested in hiking we could organize a trip to Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain in the Philippines and highest in Luzon. We either have to rent a Jeepney, equipment and guide or if you are with our 4x4 on tour we can drive until 4 km from the summit followed by a fairly easy walk. Unfortunately the natural caves where the Kabayan mummies, listed on 1998 World Monuments Watch are being kept are closed. However, you can still see one or two mummies in the museum of Kabayan which is a 2 hour ride on a rough road from Baguio.

Vigan was originally a settlement of traders coming from China. Vigan's Chinese heritage is still evident from the numerous elite Chinese creole families, who come from the area, many of whom adopted Hispanic family names. At the start of World War II Vigan was one of the first places in the Philippines invaded by Japan, and in 1945 by American ground troops whom aided by Ilocano resistance fighters, defeated the Japanese and liberated Vigan.

Vigan can be reached from Manila in 11-12 hours or from Sagada in 5.5 hours by one of the most scenic routes, the remarkably quiet Cervantes road. It's best to take your lunch from Bontoc or Sagada and enjoy the amazing scenery. On the way you will pass Nambung, a natural park and the Bessang Pass monument, where the three long years of resistance by Filipinos and Americans took place against the last stronghold of the Japanese imperial forces under Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita.

The town of Vigan, the capital of Ilocos Sur Vigan, was listed in 1999 by Unesco. Vigan with its cobblestone streets, is worth a visit and is the best preserved example of Spanish colonial towns in Asia. Its architecture is the conglomeration of cultural elements from the Philippines, China, and Spain, making it unique in the world.
Most of the sights can be enjoyed by taking a Calesa ride (in our standard itinerary) and includes Vigan Burgos and Crisologo Museum, Syquia mansion (the former house of former Philippine President Marcos), Hidden Gardens, Pottery factories, St Paul and Bantay Church. Depending on the routing we either visit the Santa Maria Church, also a Unesco World Heritage Site underway going to Vigan if coming from Sagada or after Vigan if coming from Laoag. Each Jan 25 Vigan celebrates their Festival We recommend overnights in newly renovated old Spanish boutique hotels such as Luna (the best around), Ciudad, Gordion, and Vigan Plaza Hotel. Good for a romantic dinner, serving mainly local food however, is "the Hidden Garden".
From Vigan we can drive in 2 hours to Laoag, home area of former President Marcos. Beside Paoay Church and the sand dunes, good for sand boarding, the most interesting places to visit are the Marcos Museum, Marcos ancestral home and the so called "Malacanang of the North", the opulent former residence of the Marcos family. Instead of driving for 2 hours back to Vigan for your overnight stay you can also choose to take a one hour flight back from Laoag to Manila.
If Pagudpud is your destination than underway an old Spanish light house and Bangui windmills can be viewed. The best place for overnights in Blue Lagoon (20 km from Pagudpud) is Pakuluan Resort, their restaurant is serving delicious organic food. Unfortunately the huge and dominating Hanna's resort is affecting negatively the "blue lagoon feeling".

10 km after Pagudpud Kingfisher Resort, though a surfing resort is the best place to stay overnight. After your stay you will be brought to the airport in Laoag for your flight back to Manila unless you take the routing to Manila by car. On the crossroad going to Blue Lagoon from Pagudpud your lunch can be taken in Bergblick restaurant serving German and local dishes. If you drive back to Manila from Vigan (10-12 hours drive) a one day stop can be made at Hundred Islands (barbecue on the beach plus snorkeling, Baguio or in San Juan at Final option resort. Closer to Manila we can overnight in Microtel in Tarlac or Alvin's Place for your Mount Pinatubo tour the next day, in Subic (Lighthouse Hotel) or Las casas for the world war 2 tour to complete your excursion in North Luzon.

More common is to customize your Northern Philippines vacation with a visit to "the Hundred Islands National Park".The islands are believed to be about two million years old. They are actually ancient corals. The lowering of the sea level has exposed them to the surface. Needless to say that island hopping is the main activity and Filipino's love to bbq here on the beach. The snorkeling is quite good and big clams can be spotted. Hundred islands are very popular among the local tourists and therefore travelling during local holidays better to be avoided. Before or after visiting the 100 islands we stay overnight in El Puerto Marina Bay resort (average quality) in Lingayan. The water park is being liked by the children and the visitors are locals. We book the room at the main building as their villa's are located near a small lake and are infested by mosquitoes. The new swimming pool on the beach, a 2 minutes walk from your room, offers great views over the beach/sea. Interesting for some to know is that Lingayan Bay is where the Americans and Japanese clashed during the world war 2, 24 ships were sunk and another 67 were damaged on both sides!

Another stop which can be made underway from Vigan to Manila is San Juan. San Juan has a long and wide beach with greyish sand. Surfing can be learned here, but the waves cannot be compared with Baler and especially Surigao in Mindanao. Our favorite place to stay is at Final option resort. If you have time on your side, opt to hangout here for a day or two. There is nothing else to do except lazing around and swimming.
After visiting San Juan or 100 islands you can proceed to Bolinao, 1 hour ride from entry of 100 islands (alaminos) and 7 hours drive from Manila. Puerto del Sol is the best place in the area and if you happened to have the time on your hand and want to relax you can consider to stay overnight here. The sea here is quite shallow and not good for swimming but the food, view, service, room and the swimming pools of the resort are quite good.

Before going back to manila and on the last day of your Northern Luzon trip you could consider a tour to Mount Pinatubo (overnight at Alvins place), Subic (overnight in lighthouse resort), Puning hot spring (overnight at Quest hotel in clark) and Bataan (overnight in las Casas) to complete your North Luzon experience. See for more information


Banaue Hotel

Php 2,500.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

This is the hotel in Banaue that may be especially attractive to those who want the best available in town and parking space (something quite hard to find in Banaue). It offers dining, a large lobby with souvenir shops, swimming pool, and weekly cultural shows. The Hotel has 84 and 2 types of rooms: Standard rooms with 3 single beds located on the lower floors and "renovated" deluxe rooms (included in our package) located on the ground and first floor with double bed and extra bed. They also have backpacker-type rooms at Php 250 a bed in both the older building as well as the new adjacent Hostel.

Bangaan & Batad Hillside Inn

Both Inns are located near the rice terraces, Batad Hillside inn Offers great view of Batad Village and the Batad rice Terraces. The rooms of Bangaan Inn are slight;y more convenient than their cottages. Both Inns have shared bathroom with cold summer using Mandy. Both family run Inns have electricity and good kitchen.

Sanafe Lodge

Php 2,340.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Sanafe Lodge is Centrally located near the market place. DOT and few steps from the bus and jeepney arrivals. This well run Family place has an outdoo dining area overlooking the Banaue Valley and the hanging bridge just below. They have rooms starting at Php 800.00 but we suggest their deluxe and double deluxe rooms with private bathroom and hot water for your stay. The best rooms are included in our package if you choose Sanafe Lodge. Here you will feel very welcome and at home.

Ujah Native Village Inn

Php 2,250.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Native Village Inn Offers unique Native Ifugao cottages which are overlooking the Hapao rice Terraces. The Resort has a lovely garden setting with the many flowers and sitting area's from where you can enjoy breathtaking views. The cozy restaurant with open fireplace has European and Filipino food on the Menu. The toilets and showers with hot water are shared and outside cottage. Its located 9 km away from the downtown Banaue or 30 minutes by trike or jeepney. Parking is available for eight cars.

Archog Hotel

Archog Hotel is probably the place to stay overnight in Bontoc, the getaway for trips to Kalinga. The facilities are less developed than in the cities, but given the hill climate a fan is fine without AC but with hot water. The hotel is right in the center of Bontoc on the main street, so a quite room at the back is preferred by our guests. Their restaurant offers suprizingly tasty and fresh food.

Masferre Country Inn

Php 2,140.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Well-placed in the sightseeing, culture area of Sagada city, Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant provides a most conducive spot for you to take a break from your busy days, offering hotel guests a good breakfast, dinner and a broad range of amenities. All guestrooms feature a variety of comforts. Some rooms have wireless internet access, non smoking, desk, balcony/terrace, blackout curtains to please the most discerning guests.

Saint Joseph Resthouse

Php 1,800.00 per room per night base in twin share (cottage) with breakfast.

Saint Joseph Lodge is located in the Hilltop from where you have a great view and can enjoy the freshest breeze of Sagada, have a picnic on its grassy grounds in summer days, or enjoy the warmth of the fireplace during the cold months.

Facilities include stand alone cottages with a capacity of 2-6 pax, which we recommend to our guests, rooms with private bath, dorm-type rooms in their main building, spacious parking area, picnic area, restaurant and conference, meeting hall.

The Manor at Camp John Hay

Php 7,800.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

The best hotel in and around Baguio, Manor's 158 well-appointed rooms, including 47 elegant suites and feel the luxurious warmth and comfort each exudes. This Hotel is located at the Camp John Hay area and within walking distance of many other restaurants. Rooms come with a view of the forest or garde, a perfect way to start your day upon waking up from a restful, invigorating sleep. We book unless requested otherwise the superior room.

El Cielito Inn

Php 2,800.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

For the business or leisure traveler who's looking for affordable accommodations in the country's summer capital. Situated near the places that matter in the City, El Cielito Hotel provides a good point to start from. The staff is accommodating but the hotel is quite old and use some upgrading. We book for our guest the standard room without aircon. Baguio at altitude of 1500 meter never gets very hot but if you need the sound of an aircon to fall to sleep then we can upgrade the room. The restaurant is nicely appointed and serves good food choices especially at breakfast.

Le Monet Hotel

Php 5,600.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

The Le Monet experience is highly personalized and unique to every guest. 70 well-appointed rooms and suites providing the utmost convenience and relaxation, this is the ultimate rejuvenating retreat.Refreshing scents of pines and sweeping views. The hotel has a in house swimming pool full of cold water. Le Monet Hotel is situated at the renowned Camp John Hay area and there are many restaurants options in the area.


Php 4,250.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Microtel by Wyndham – Baguio in Baguio City, Good value for money hotel which is located near Victory Liner Bus Station and its within walking distance from the session road. The 60 rooms are neat, well kept and the staff is accommodating. The hotel aims to provide be of international standards opf quality. The restaurant is serving a good breakfast buffet. Mountain view room standard with aircon if more cold air is needed located int he new building is booked by us, if available .

Bellagio Hills

Php 3,600.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Bellagio Hills shines at the west center side of the lake Paoay, just overlooking the former Malacañang of the North. A short distance away from the bustle of Laoag and Paoay present with a private garden paradise.

Modern Contemporary world-renowned flair for design and luxury living is showcased in every room. While modern conveniences will make your life simple, exclusive - made furnishing and artifacts will transport you to an era of traditional excellence. All rooms are prepared with a devotion to detail that can only come from the proprietor's profound passion to exceed expectations. We book the junior suite room. As they have only 2 suite junior rooms of a total 4 rooms an early reservation is recommended.

The individually chosen, local-inspired decor of our guest rooms merges effortlessly with all the modern conveniences you would expect. Rooms in the main hotel echo their hill and annexes rooms afford the guest view to the gorgeous gardens. Each of the 2 junior suites offers an additional lounge area with welcoming sofas and tub chairs. Kick back in a room swathed in classic/soft lines and pastel shades. Each suites has a balcony, terrace on where can set a private romantic dinner and survey the scenery day or night.

Ciudad Fernandina Hotel

Php 4,200.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

The ambiance of this hotel bring back to the ancient times but modern facilities. The cleanliness of this hotel is up to my standard. The hotel is conveniently located within the Vigan Heritage Village and walking distance from the: Archbishop's Palace, St Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, Burgos Museum, Plaza Burgos, Plaza Salcedo, Crisologo Museum, Syquia Mansion, Antique and Souvenir shops, the famed ancestral houses. We recommend to book the deluxe room for our guest as the standard rooms are a bit small.

Room choice of Double/Full or Twin bed Size,with our spacious, comfortable rooms and facilities, safety deposit box, cable television, air-conditioning unit, hot and cold shower, coffee and tea making facility. The hotel has more than 100 paintings displayed inside the rooms and along the hallways and will certainly delight art aficionados.

Fort Ilocandia Resort

Php 4,800.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

The only 5 star deluxe Resort Hotel in the Northern Philippines sprawling over 77 hectares of land amidst gentle sand dunes and pine forests with a 2 kilometer sandy beach facing the South China Sea. It is located in the heart of the City of Laoag and the province of Ilocos Norte. The Resort is complete service comples resort Hotel and you might feel a bit lost as it is a huge place. It's a 10 minutes drive from Fort Ilocandia Golf & Country Club at Paoay and from the Laoag International Airport. We book ussualy the standard room.

A total of 290 beautifully well appointed guest bedrooms offering you a scenic view of the resorts gardens or the swimming pool. You will find our room features delicately chosen for your convenience, comfort, safety and privacy. Immerse yourself as you take a glimpse of our rooms. Single or Double occupancy, 2 Buffet Breakfast, Free wifi access, free Entrance at Casino, Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfer, Free use of Gym, Free use of Beach Huts.

Gordion Hotel

Php 3,200.00 (Standard Room) per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Gordion Hotel is a small boutique Hotel with 21 well appointed rooms offer historic charm together with comfort. This Hotel is located very near Luna Hotel and situated in the main touristic Mestizo district of Vigan City and the most interesting sight are all nearby. The breakfast is served in a lovely courtyard with rustic charm but food could be better. We book for our guest mostly the smaller standard room but of course the bigger deluxe room can be requested as well.

Hotel Luna

Php 3,420.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Luna Hotel, the best hotel around offers great value of money and is located at the heart of the Heritage Village and Crisologo street in Vigan City. Hotel Luna is the first and only museum hotel in the Philippines. The Hotel showcases the finest Philippine Art, boasting of rare and vintage artworks and dynamic modern pieces from master painters, contemporary artists, to National Artist including Juan Luna masterpieces. The Hotel combines modern comfort with the old feel of the place. The staff and food is good and the buffet breakfast has a lot of choices. The standard room included in our packages is very similar to the deluxe room except for the bathroom as this room comes among others with a bathtub.

Elegant and spacious. All rooms have a flat-screen cable TV and private bathroom with hot and cold shower. Free toiletries and slippers are provided. At Hotel Luna, guests can relax with a massage. A tour desk and luggage storage are also available.

Kapuluan Vista Resort

Kapuluan is situated about 20 kilometers from Pagudpud's Saud Beach. While they are located on the oceanfront, Kapuluan Vista Resort is not on the main beach known as the "Blue Lagoon" and thus away from the concrete monstrosities further down. It's haven of peace and quiet! Kapuluan beach area is quite rocky and not meant for swimming. The rooms are minimalist but modern and stylish. We prefer to book the deluxe rooms with loft for our guests. The food served at this resort a riff of Ilocano and Southern California cuisine and veggies are mostly grown at their own garden. The young owners are balikbayans from California.

Palacio De Laoag

Php 1,750.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

The entrance looks impressive, it has a long driveway, parking is spacious, the lobby is warm and inviting. Palacio de Laoag is located for about 10-15 minutes away from the bus terminal. It's hotel very known in the City. Secured with guards 24/7, free wifi, hot and cold shower and cable channel TV. They also have a quite nice rather big swimming pool. Very accommodating staff but the downside rooms are not good. If ever our guest want to stay here we book a standard room in the new building.

Vigan Plaza Hotel

Php 3,200.00 per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

This Hotel is strategically located in the heart of Vigan City and is just a stone's throw away from the cobbled stone Crisologo street, where many restaurants and shops are situated. The Hotel is full of antiques features, wooden floors, floor tiles and the old Hispanic Charm is evident everywhere. The Hotels offers a good breakfast and the staff is accommodating. We book the standard room as the deluxe room is just bigger and good for 3 persons. There is an in house Chinese Restaurant.

You can choose between matrimonial or single bed size. The room can only be accessed with electronic key card system. Modern amenities like IDD telephone, 21" cable television and well lit en-suite bathroom are provided for guests convenience. It is fully airconditioned. Private toilet & Bath, Hot & cold shower, writing desk with chair & Luggage rack.

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort

Php 3,860.00 (standard room) per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

El Puerto Marina is located in Lingayen and 45 minutes drive from Alaminos. This area is famous for its rustic design, fine sandy beach, and lengthy shoreline. The resorts has a nice, if open, wild water park, rooms are in reasonable condition in main building. (better is to avoid staying at the villa above of the fishpond because of the smell and mosquitoes). The restaurant is average and service could be much better. We mostly book this place as part of the trip going to the hundred islands and unfortunately in this area there are limited suitable hotels/resorts. The good thing is they have a new swimming pool looking out over the beautiful beach and sea but you have to walk quite a bit going here. We prefer to book the deluxe room.

Maxine Resort

Php 3,600.00 (superior room) per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Maxine is located near the entry of hundred islands Alaminos and therefore convenient for our guests, whom like to visit the Hundred Islands. From here you can walk to the entry. The rooms are average and in the evening there is not much than to have a drink in their restaurant which is overlooking the 100 Islands area and considered one of the better place to eat. The menu has no International dishes and fish would be the best choice. They only have a few rooms and if our guest to stay here above El Puerto Marina Resort then we book just the standard room.

Puerto Del Sol

Php 5,850.00 (mansion villa) per room per night base in twin share with breakfast & dinner.

Puerto Del Sol is located in Bolinao in which is a 1 hour drive cast of Alaminos and 6-7 hours from Manila. The staff is friendly and accommodating which make the Resorts ideal destination for a blissful relaxation. They have 2 swimming pools to choose from and a jacuzzi which is good as the sea is not good for swimming but just good for bathing. The sea is just waist deep unless you go far from the shores until the reef. The restaurant has a good buffet and the rooms are well kept but all of this expected as this resort is not cheap. The ambiance overall is relaxing and comforting and you will enjoy your stay.

Final Option Resort

Php 3,600.00 (standard room) per room per night base in twin share with breakfast.

Final option is located in the picturesque provincial town of San Juan, La Union, situated on an absolute beachfront property just meters from the surf. The well gardened and maintained resorts offers our guest a unique relaxed atmosphere. German quality is being felt and they aim high. The food choices and services are of good standard and rooms are good value of money. The beach is sandy all over and good for swimming. You may learn how to surf but good waves are only around from October to April. We book the standard room as its similar to the deluxe room except for the decoration.

Bahia Solano Hotel

It's a very Filipino oriented place, probably best around therefore don't expect a foreign menu. The location is nice, opposite a rice field and not along the main road which is a blessing if you like quietness.
Rooms are simple, clean, spacious but come with a small bed. All rooms come with wifi, old tv and safety deposit box.

Helens Guest House

Helen's Guest House was built for the Family, but they decided to offer their house to tourists. The rooms are well built, very clean and have the best-looking bathrooms in Mayoyao. The family is very accommodating. Our package rate includes breakfast and dinner. They have a family room with 2 twin sized bed, 4 rooms with 1 twin/double size bed with private bathroom which we book for our guests and 2 rooms with standard beds and shared bathroom.

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